Arcidiacono Legno is one of the historical companies of the Calabria region in the trade and retail of timber, melamine panels and laminates.


Founded in 1962, since 2010 the company has specialized both in design and realization of laminated timber structures, gaining a deep knowledge of materials and construction techniques.

From 23rd February 2019 Arcidiacono Legno becomes a Makte Point, increasing the offer of materials and solutions for designers and architects in the Calabria region.

Not only laminates, woods and melamines, but also panels and resin decorations, glass, ceramics, metal and many other special products. In fact, with more than 500 samples  exhibited in the great Makte material library, Makte Cosenza is the ideal and real space (discover the virtual material library) from which draw inspiration for design and architecture projects.

In addition to the new material library, Makte Cosenza has also four other spaces:

  • a lerge warehouse to guarantee deliveries quickly, on time and accurately
  • an exhibition space for doors and parquet made in sinergy with the best carpenters and local craftsmen
  • a corner of fittings for private buyers who love DIY
  • a specialized laboratory with digital cutters and sizing machines able to satisfy any design requirement.

In addition, the company designs and manufactures roof, canopies, sheds, shelters, houses with frame system and xlam system, but also structural reinforcements of floors and roofs for existing buildings.

Experience, specific knowledge, attention to details at the customer’s service for results that last over time. Makte Cosenza is the reference for designers and architects of the Calabria region.

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